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It was with great apprehension I took up the post of President of MICCI for the year 2018/2019. It is a post that brings with it many responsibilities and commitments. However, due to the assurance and support of a solid roster of 3 Vice Presidents, a dynamic Immediate Past President, and a high caliber, committed team of corporate leaders who formed the General Committee (Genco) on 14th May 2018, it is a post that I will assume with the affirmation that we would be able to continue and complete the reformation exercise that was started 3 years ago.
I abide by the maxim Get In, Get the Job Done, and Get Out, and hopefully the reformation exercise can be done within a short period of time. Overstaying can, and often will bring in ‘diseases’ of many kinds.

I am confident of our success as we have the support of a capable staff at our various offices throughout Malaysia. I am confident in MICCI as a business advocate that has staunchly stood firm for over 180 years.
I know I will enjoy this journey and I look forward to meeting many of our members in our numerous interesting and attractive events, activities and offerings throughout the year. As a new team, we will introduce changes and improvements with the aim of making MICCI more relevant and important to our stockholders, and in the process bring growth to our organization.
Towards this end, it is my appeal to all our existing members to help promote MICCI to your friends and associates. Many in the corporate arena are not aware of the important and prominent roles MICCI plays to advocate for our members. Many are not aware of the numerous benefits that they can derive from being a member of our esteemed chamber.

So let’s join hands in welcoming them to become part of MICCI, and to continue to strive for us to be the Premier Advocate for the Business Community.

Datuk Tan Cheng Kiat
President, MICCI