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"miccinet is micci's members' intranet, offering on line communication and access to micci's document archives"
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MICCINet is a private intranet hosted by MICCI which provides members of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a dedicated 24 hour private network and resource centre.

Membership of MICCINet is free to MICCI members and corporate members may nominate up to 8 persons from their organization to each have a MICCINet account and access its virtual archives and conference areas.
MICCINet is accessible from any desktop computer either by using the free client application or through the Internet using any common browser.

MICCINet provides dedicated areas for collaboration among groups and also gives electronic access to minutes of MICCI Council and Focus Group meetings, conference papers, business fact sheets, presentations and other material that can be downloaded for study or reference.
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MICCINet is driven by FirstClass, a top class conferencing and collaboration software environment for education and business.

Each user has a personal account and a private  mailbox for messages or files to be exchanged with any MICCI Secretariat Manager or Executive either in the Kuala Lumpur HQ or at any of the Chamber's branch offices. In fact messages can be sent to anyone who has a registered account with MICCINet.
In addition conference areas hold information files for members to download and comment on. Any member may post a comment or query to any conference for which they have access rights and all other members with access to that conference area will see and be able to respond to that query.

As a result, conferences provide a means for groups to collaborate and share ideas on specific issues or projects.
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Individual users of MICCINet each require an account to access the confidential archives. This can be obtained by contacting the MICCI Secretariat ( ).

With an ID and Password, members can log in from any PC via the Internet by using the Log In button (below).

As an alternative to simple access via browser, a better experience can be had by using the free First Class client (for Windows, Mac or Linux) which can be downloaded here.
If you would prefer to use the custom client to access MICCINet rather than a standard browser please download and install one of the free FirstClass Clients below (choose a client appropriate to your computer operating system).